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About us

Copper, one of the world’s greatest minerals, Element 29, is the only brown metal in existence and is known from ancient times with the name deriving from Cyprus, where the Romans mined it. However it goes back to the Bronze Age as bronze is made up of two-thirds copper and one-third tin.
It is quite malleable but requires great skill to turn into a shaped object. Further, historically it discolours quite quickly.
Elland Metal is a Yorkshire manufacturing company which has been in this business for 60 years. Many of its spinners have 20 years experience in forming this type of copper. They have produced these wonderful products which have been polished to a high gloss.
A crystal clear coating is now applied which is self-levelling and self annealing with a hardness of H8 compared to granite which is H6. The finish is completely sealed due to the thermo plastic properties of the coating and which forms a second skin type protection. It can be washed and cleaned without affecting the protective qualities.