Copper for the Home

All made in the UK, Signature Copper homeware introduce a beautiful combination of style, elegance and distinction into everywhere from living spaces and dining areas to guest suites and garden rooms.

Carefully hand-fashioned from natural copper ore, this outstanding collection embraces a diversity of products which are perfect in both form and function, being as much appreciated for their lustrous appeal as they are for their practical durability.

Above all, the Signature Copper collection reflects the artistry and imagination of experienced craftsmen who draw on traditional skills in creating decorative accessories for the contemporary and classic home alike.

Fine Dining

The dining table becomes a thing of beauty when enhanced by the subtle gleam of the Signature Copper collection.

Coasters, tumblers, platters and sous-plats are complemented by bowls, trays and candle-holders, all in 100% copper which has first been spun, then polished and lacquered. To add the finishing touch, a magnificent flared bowl makes a dramatic table centrepiece.

Décor and more

Copper homewares are always a talking point. But, stunning as they are, they have many uses beyond décor enhancement.

Signature Copper bowls, for example: they’re as good for presenting salad and fruit as they are for collecting keys on the hall table. Or treat the dog to a new bowl - copper keeps water cool, especially in the summer!

In the garden room

The Signature Copper collection includes bowls and planters which make gorgeous cache-pots for the garden room, conservatory or window-sill, all complemented by matching platters and trays.

For those who prefer their flowers fresh, the line-up also embraces a lovely flared bowl, its polished lip allowing floral arrangements to look good from every angle.

Collectables and gifts

The team at Signature Copper takes enormous pride in the craftsmanship behind every item in the collection, ensuring each is a unique and distinctive investment piece - lovely to keep but also ideal to give away!

Included in the latest range is a host of ideas for thoughtful gift-buyers, from copper trays for newly-weds furnishing their first home or coasters to offer as tokens of thanks, to platters and planters to mark special occasions and more esoteric wares for collectors of copper accessories.